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Insulating Treated Water Tanks

Durable Solutions for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

Water and wastewater treatment plants endure harsh conditions due to various purification processes such as sedimentation, aeration, pumping, thickening, filtration, and percolation. These processes can negatively impact the concrete tank structure and expose it to corrosive chemicals and aging infrastructure. Hence, there is a pressing need for a durable and effective solution.

Applying a special insulating coating to the tank walls is essential, and these coatings must withstand corrosive chemicals such as hydrogen sulfide and other acidic compounds.

The International Technical Company proudly offers a comprehensive range of coatings specifically designed for every stage of water and wastewater treatment processes. From water collection systems to digesters, clarifiers, and working stations, as well as storage facilities to secondary containment structures, our protective coatings are designed to meet the unique requirements of each application.

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Insulating Treated Water Tanks