Maintenance & Insulation Project at Shaheed Armed Brigade 35, Al-Salmi

What we were faced with harsh weather at that worksite in January 2003, since it was rigorously cold while executing with Polyurethane materials, which we managed to overcome in our quality labs at the factory. They managed to raise the temperature of the materials by deploying the out coming air from the machines and the air coming from the hoses, till it reached equity for the temperature grades which enabled us to execute and deliver our works on the contractual time. The work at that time was in fact an ideal challenge for the harsh weather conditions.

Addiction Hospital Project

Time was one of these challenges we have to confront, which led Technical to thaw out with it, and to form together one steel element with special specifications. We managed to execute and complete all the insulation layers for the surfaces, bathrooms and kitchens at an ideal timing, which required the deploy of three shifts per day to complete insulation areas of more than 10 thousand meters, at a remarkable time. This was one of the best criteria to measure our success facing the challenges of time.

Skiing Hall

The word was for one of the major executives at the Touristic Entertainment Company, as he talked about the quality of the thermal insulation for the surfaces, which led them operate the air-cooling machines to half of its cooling power, to reach the required cooling temperatures. As for renewing the cooling system, they have to give up almost half of these machines as they do not need them anymore.

Mubbarakiah Souqs Complex

The element of being there and insulate many outdoor and indoor surfaces, both were present inside one of the most important markets at Kuwait, all day busy with shoppers, sightseeing or even for the fun of it. Nevertheless, Technical idyllic way, to manage both sides of the coin, as to isolate each work place for insulation into two parts, without harming to other part, then move to the second one until the whole work is done with perfection and quality as required.

A Glimpse on some of the Accomplished Projects

Ministry of Defense

(Land Force Institute Department of Landscape Building Several sites at the Air Base The Supermarket Shaheed Brigade 35 Special Forces Brigade Sixth Brigade Al-Rawdateen Army Headquarters Main Building Ali Al-Salem College).

Ministry of Interior

(Sharq Police Station Farwaniya Passports Building Expanding the Central Prison's fence).

Ministry of Education

(Ministry's main Building Building no. (1) Minister's Office + Under Secretary's) Physical Education gymnasiums).

Ministry of Social affairs & Labor

(Social Care Buildings Hospitality Dar Building Social Unit Building at Bayan & Sulubikhat).

Ministry of Energy

(Control Station West Doha Station Water Networks Department East Doha Station Al-Zour Station Sabhan Warehouses).

Ministry of Public Works

(Governmental Center Administration Building for tests & Researches Naif's Palace State Grand Masjed Masajed Administration Building at Jahra Governorate Water Distilation Station at Meshrif Heteen Outskirt Area Center Al-Shuhadaa Outskirt Area Kuwait Sports Club for the hard of hearing )

Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs

(Farwaniyah Governorate Massajed Jahra Governorate Hawally Governorate Mubbark Al-Kabeer Governorate).

Ministry of Planning

(Ministry Building Roof)

General Trust of Awqaf

(Maintenance of Ahmadi Governorate Massajed)

National Guard

(Al-Tahreer Camp Al-Smoud camp Reqee Headquarters)

Ministry of Health

(Addiction Hospital Addan Hospital Islamic Medicine Hospital Abdulla's house for Children's Care)

Kuwait Scientific Research Institute

(Several sites at the Institute main building Institute building at Ahmadi & Salmiya)

Kuwait University

(Dental college at Mubbark Hospital Science College Cafeteria)

Kuwait Oil Company

(Main Building + Communication Building Ahmadi Hospital Oilfields Centers Buildings Ahmadi Shelters Buildings, 12 building)

Kuwait National Petroleum Company

(Ahmadi Port)

Souks Complexes Company

(Mubbarkiah Souk Handicrafts Building at Shuwaikh Al-Shaab Park)

Public Facilities Administration Company

(Central Gold Market Building Reqee Residential Complex)

Kuwait International Exhibition Company

(Hall no. 3 + 5)

Touristic Enterprises Company

(Skiing Hall Entertainment City Messeilah Water Village Swimming Pools Complex Jleeb Al-Shuokh Park)

Private Hospitals

(Hadi Hospital Al-Rashid Hospital)

National Bank of Kuwait

(Several branches at different areas)


(Al-Takamel School at Sabah Al-Salem Gulf English School at Rumaithiya Al-Takamel School at Rumaithiya Al-Dabbous Educational Establishment Schools)

Co-Operative Societies

(Meshrif Co-Op - Rumaithiya Co-Op - Nuzha Co-Op Salmiya Co-Op Fiha Co-Op Rawda & Hawally Co-Op Shaab Co-Op Qadsiya Co-Op Farwaniya Co-Op Shamiya & Shuwaikh Co-Op)

Universal Islamic Charity Authority

(Authority's main building other buildings & residential for the Authority)

Future Kid Company

Direct Help Association

American Mattress Company

Swiftel Company

Kuwait Ports Corporation

(Insulating the Pilots building Shuwaikh Port)

Midas Company building, Dajeej Area

Kuwait Finance House, Commercial Sector Building

Al-Wataniya Airways Building

Aayan Tower

Modern Dar Investment Building Sharq

Handicrafts Buildings at Industrial Abu Fatira Area

Abu Fatira Handicrafts Area

Ibis Hotel, Sharq

Refrigeration Stores at Ardiyah Ardiyah

Mazda Car Showroom Al-Rai

Mercedes Car Showroom Al-Rai

Al-Zayani Showroom Al-Rai

Bayan Palace & Naif Palace

Bu Khamseen International Group

Crown Plaza Hotel

Naser Mohammed Al-Beddah Company

(Aromatic Building for Equit)

Construction Management & Buildings Company

(Medical Clinics at Farwaniya Mangaf Jahra)

Kuwait Bakery & Mills Company

(Automated Bakery Branch Jahra)

Plus more than 25 thousand residential block, complexes, commercial buildings & massajed all over Kuwait areas.

Targeted Projects

With the continuation of the concrete steps in our approach, and how to take advantage of regional and the Gulf developments, the largest project for us at the present time is to stand next to those ahead of us in this field on both the Gulf and regional levels.